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Metal Wireless Keypad GC050550

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This tamper-resistant, weatherproof, programmable Multi-code Wireless Keypad can be mounted outside your gate and offer convenient access without having to carry a transmitter. Installation hardware is included.

  • Convenient - no need for remote controls
  • Extra Security - you keep control over who can use your gates


Terms to understand:

Access Code The 2 to 5-digit code used to open the gate (24 unique codes are possible). If access code is less than 5 digits it requires the # sign after code is entered. Example: 2 #. If code is 5 digits the # sign is not required.

Master Password
The 5-digit code used to access programming features. Factory default is 11111. This should be changed for security reasons. NOT USED TO OPEN GATE.

Relay 1
The receiver has 2 relays. P1 (relay 1) is pre-wired to the J1 connector.

Relay 2
The receiver has 2 relays. P2 (relay 2) is pre-wired to the Open/Free Exit on J1 connector.
Keypad Security Code (Dip Switch Code) This code makes your keypad unique to your installation. Keypad does not have dip switches like the transmitter; instead it has virtual dip switches which must be programmed.

PUK Code
Password Unblocking Key. The PUK code is located inside the keypad and is needed when the master password has been lost. Record in space above for future reference. Must be 5 digits long.

* Key
located on the keypad is used to cancel last command entered.

Red Light Blinks
When blinking, the keypad is sending a signal to the receiver. Valid access code was entered.

Note: Do not install keypad until Learning Access Codes in Receiver has been completed.


Box Contents

  • 1 x wireless key pad for use with the Gatecare 500 or 700
  • 1 x Battery
  • Fittings


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