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Can the Gatecare automation kit be fitted to my existing gates?

Yes. Our kits are supplied with universal mounting brackets and will fit most types of gates  & either round or square hinge posts including, driveway gates, agricultural and farm gates.  However in some cases, extension brackets maybe required depending on where the higes are mounted onto the post - please contact our technical support team for information.

Gate Compatibility 


What is the maximum weight and length of gate that can be used?

Our gate systems can hold any gate up to 6 metres (20ft) and 200KG (450lb). 

It is important that your gate swings smoothly without binds or excessive resistance.


Gate Compatibility ‣


How fast does the gate open?

The Gatecare 500 cycle time is about 16 seconds on a 90 degree opening.

The Gatecare 700 cycle time is about 12 seconds on a 90 degree opening.

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How far will the gate open?

The ram will open up to 105 degrees.

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What happens if an object obstructs the gate?

Sensitivity is the primary safety control designed into the conrtol board.  The adjustment dials control the amount of pressure the gate can apply to an object, before the gate will stop and reverse direction.  If the gate senses an obstruction it will reverse direction.  If it senses a second obstruction before reaching the fully open or closed position the gate will shut down.  The entrapment alarm which is preinstalled in the control box will sound.  The entrapment alarm will sound for 5 minutes then shut off, the entrapment alarm can be reset by pressing the "reset" button on the control board.
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How many operations can the gate/s work through?

The Gatecare gate opener is designed to provide enough cycles a day for most installations without needing more than one solar panel, please see chart below for recommended solar panel sizes.

10w solar panel    upto 20 cycles per day

18w solar panel    upto 30 cycles per day

28w solar panel    upto 50 cycles per day

60w solar panel    100+ cycles per day

For mains power installations, the low voltage transformer will be installed into the charge controller and can easily provide 575 cycles of operation a day without decreasing the battery charge.

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How long would the system work without any charge or on dull days?

Our advanced solar gate controller includes a host of intelligent features with extremely low power consumption and unique power save features.   In fact the Gatecare systems can operate 10 cycles per day for over 8 weeks without any sunshine at all!

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What type of accessories can I add to my Gatecare system?

The Gatecare Systems are designed to work with all accessories listed.  All accessories are solar friendly and designed to operate from the minimal amount of energy which in turn draws minimum power from the battery.

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What happens if I cannot open my gates?

If you are without a key fob to open your gate, the Gatecare Systems is manufactured with an overide button housed in the control box, if you press the blue open/close button, this will command the gate to open or close.

If you are having trouble opening your gate, you can also release the steel pin (at the end of the actuator ram) which will release the actuator from the gate and allow the gate to be opened manually.

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How secure are my gates when closed?

The linear actuator ensures the gate is held firm in the open or closed position, for added security the solenoid lock will lock the ram closed, please see our accessories list for details.

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Can the Solar Panel and supply box be mounted away from the gates?

Yes, the solar panel kit comes with a standard 4.5 meter cable that will allow you can mount your solar panel away from the gates, this can be extended an additional 23 metres with our cable extension kit, please see our accessories list for details.

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How do I get spare parts?

All accessories and spare parts are held in stock.

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Where can I get additional information or help?

Please call our customer service department on +44 (0) 1536 266 211

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