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The Equipment

The 'Control Box' contains the receiver, battery and the power pack as well as the motherboard that controls all your various input devices.

The Control Box can be installed up to 2.5m from the gate however, this distance can be increased by extending the cable up to a maximum distance of 15m from the gate itself.

The Control Box is fully secure and is made of a toughened plastic and can be installed out of eye sight, we can also supply a steel box to house the control box if required for extra security, please see our accessories list for further details.

The Actuator Ram is heavy duty, stainless steel with enhanced corrosion resistance & powder coated metal parts. 

The Actuator Ram has a stainless steel finish and rubber seal to protect from water and grit entering the inner workings. The benefits of a linear screw actuator ensures that the gate is held firmly in place when in open or closed position. The Actuator Ram can be bolted directly to the gate, the end pin can be replaced by a stainless steel pin & lock for added security.The Actuator Ram comes with 2.5m cable

Installation & Configuration

There are many different configurations for your Actuator Ram to open your gate, below are illustrations of 2 of the most common basic ways.

Pull To Open
This installation method is the most common where the gate swings into the property/driveway.

Push To Open
This installation method is common where the driveway slopes up entering the property and gate must swing out to avoid interference. This type of installation places the actuator bracket and linear actuator into the drive area slightly.

Solar Power or Mains Power

Our automatic gate openers are powered by a 12-Volt DC battery which can be charged by either 'Solar Power' or '240v Mains Power'. 

Solar Power 12v DC

Power your gate Opener with 100% solar power.

Every day light will hit your solar panel with photons (particles of sunlight)

The solar panel converts the photons into electrons of direct current (DC) electricity.

The electrons produced flow out of the panel and into an inverter (and other electrical safety divices)

The inverts converts the "DC" power into alternating current or "AC" power.

Any solar energy not used is stored into the battery for use during night time or cloudy days.

Mains Power 240v AC

If you have mains power within 10m or close proximity to your gate, you will have the option of running your automatic gate through mains power.

Our gate openers are supplied with a low voltage transformer which plugs into the charge controller and can easily provide 575 cycles of operation a day without decreasing the battery charge.  

In the event of a power cut the operator will continue to operate on the battery (Up to 4 weeks if cycles per day are below 20).

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The 'Control  box' receives a signal from any number or combination of key remotes or keypads. 

Our SOLAR FRIENDLY accessories are designed to use the least amount of energy possible to perform the job they were designed to do, we continue to work with products that keep battery drain to a minimum. 

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