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POGO - Power Operated Gate Opener

 Product Acceptance PA05/05508

NR Series
Solar Charged Gate Automation
For User Worked Crossings
1. Solar Panel
The 60 Watt PV solar panel is used to charge the battery in the operator box.
2. Operator Box
Contains the battery and circuitry that power and control the system.
3. Actuator
The linear screw opens the gate. 
4. Solenoid Lock
Locks the gate in both open and closed positions.
5. Buttons
Tamper proof buttons for general operation and for emergency use.
Gates & Posts
Gates and post come pre-drilled and with fin style bases to stop rotation.

The Project

The development of solar powered gate opening systems for Network Rail for User Worked Crossings (UWC) to provide year round operation in remote locations without the requirement of a mains power connection. This development reduces the number of times the designated user is required to cross the railway from 5 times to once dramatically improving gate discipline and reducing level crossing risk. 


Gatecare LTD Was approached by Network Rail to provide a tailor made solar powered system to work within the specific requirements of the project. Following rigorous site testing based upon an average 70 cycles per day meeting EMC standards and reliability and availability requirements. Gates are locked in both the closed and open position and provide a safe system of operation to meet the requirements of Network Rail and stakeholders, all of which were successfully achieved.


This was achieved by installing electrically powered gate openers (actuators) to each of the gates and providing a control system to enable the user to open both gates at the touch of a control button on the nearside gate, cross the track and close the gates with a touch of a control button on the farside gate. Due to the remote location of these commonly agricultural situations, there is no mains power readily available and the decision was to investigate solar power.

The NR system is powered completely by solar power meaning it can be installed almost anywhere.

 Product Acceptance PA05/05508
  • Full suite of maintenance documentation produced including SMS, SMTH and SFI
  • Mobile training units are available to facilitate depot based training
  • Training course produced with PILOT planned for July 2014
  • Installation planned to 350 sites throughout NR infrastructure
  • Gate sizes are 12ft, 14ft, 16ft and 18ft
  • EMC to BS EN 50121-4
Technical Details
  • System is fully solar powered and modular in installation 
  • Can operate 750 cycles on full charge without charging
  • Over riding emergency exit buttons
  • Gate mechanically locked in fully open and fully closed position
  • Built in ability for basic interlocking with MSLs
The Package
Robust design includes both gates and all gate posts, ducting, cables and components.
Post and gates come pre-dilled and fins to stop rotation.
Actuator uses a stainless steel worm drive.
Heavy duty galvanised gates and posts.
The package is available for purchase through normal systems. Product Acceptance PA05/05508 


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