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GSM Mobile Phone Intercom System (keypad) GC076570

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This system is designed to work on the same technology as mobile phones.  It enables a call to be made from an entry point (gate), to any telephone number (mobile phone or land line). 

Upto 50 call buttons can be connected to the door panel, each able to call two telephone numbers (if the first is busy or not answered, the call can be diverted to the second) or with the additional divert facility endabled it is possible to have up to 10 call buttons each with 1 primary number and 5 divert numbers. 

Features of the systems include a dry contact relay output. Programming of the telephone numbers and additional features can be carried out via text messaging or PC using a specially designed windows program.  An additional access control feature for up to 250 telephone numbers is also available on the systems allowing a number of callers to open the gate simply by dialling the telephone number of the intercom panel (The intercom panel will not answer these calls but will activate the relay output).

A SIM card is required for this product but not supplied.  It is recommended to choose the SIM card which has the best coverage for the area in which the intercom panel will be installed.  Both contrack and "Pay as you go" SIM cards can be used but if using a "Pay as you go" we would recommend setting up an automatic top up to avoid running short on credit and losing the use of the intercom panel.  Alternatively if you already have a contract mobile phone it should be possible to get a second SIM card and telephone number on the existing account.  For more information contact the SIM card provider or visit their website.

It is imperitive for the reliablility operation of the system that the best network provider for the area is selected.  Problems such as netowrk disconnection can occur if the provider has a signal or interference problems for that area.  Metal structures and sources of interference such as power cables, control panels etc.. can affect signal and so the antenna should be mounted away from these.

When registering a new SIM you may be asked for the IMEI number.  This is the unique seriel number of the GSM itercom and can be found on the rear of the module just below the SIM holder on a white lable.  It's the long number below the barcode.


Totally self contained GSM door entry systems from 1 to 12 call buttons. 

Requires only Sim card. Door panel, Psu and antenna included. 

Facilities include divert one or more (Max 5) numbers, dial in to open facility (no network charges and for up to 250 telephone numbers), signal strength checking and alarm output with text message. 

Programming is by either SMS or PC software (GSMPRO software available separately). 

There are also auxiliary input and outputs. 

A codelock can be added. 

Systems are available up 50 button or digital. 


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